UBP salutes new national heroes

By Jonathan Bell - Royal Gazette

The newest additions to National Heroes Day have been hailed by the Opposition.

United Bermuda Party leader Kim Swan commended E F Gordon, Roosevelt Brown and Sir Henry Tucker as “three worthy national heroes, all former members of Parliament, who have made invaluable contributions that helped to positively reshape Bermuda”.

The three were announced last week by Youth, Families, Sports and Community Development Minister Glenn Blakeney.

Mr Swan said: “Dr Gordon, ‘Mazumbo’, a physician by trade, carried forth the concerns of the working class and disenfranchised people of Bermuda during a period of rigid segregation and overt economic deprivation of the working class and especially the black community. His efforts helped cause Britain to take a keener look at the disparity which existed in Bermuda. His efforts helped to lay the foundation for others to take the ball and move these ideas forward.

“Dr Brown, also well known as Dr Pauulu Kamarakafego, is widely regarded as a civil rights pioneer when in the early 1960s he led the Committee for Universal Adult Suffrage and challenged the status quo which brought about a fair and equitable electoral system. The efforts which he spearheaded caused the electoral franchise to be widened eventually leading to the 1966 Constitutional Conference and our first representative elections in 1968.

“Sir Henry James Tucker, founder of the United Bermuda Party, was widely regarded as the architect of modern Bermuda. We in the United Bermuda Party are extremely proud of his efforts which contributed significantly to the transformation of Bermuda.

“The Bermuda Sir Henry Tucker left us in 1971, when he retired from politics, was far better than the overtly racist and segregated Bermuda that he found in 1938 when he entered politics. By 1971, when Sir Henry retired, Bermuda had been transformed constitutionally, making legislative reforms and initiating major social change which improved Bermuda and removed the deliberate barriers of segregation.”

Mr Swan said the UBP was “thankful for the life of Sir Henry Tucker, for leading Bermuda on a path that would be beneficial for our people and make our country successful and productive”.

“We salute these three national heroes and thank God for them and all those other unsung heroes who worked with them to make Bermuda better for all.”